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Columba - Hypatia

Astronomy for Peace
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“Columba-Hypatia: Astronomy for Peace” is a joint astronomy outreach project run by GalileoMobile and the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research, which takes place on the divided island of Cyprus. The project is funded by the International Astronomical Union's Office of Astronomy for Development.


The project aims to inspire young people to be curious about science and the Cosmos, while also using astronomy as a tool for promoting meaningful communication and a culture of peace and nonviolence.


Our team conducts educational astronomy activities and explores the Cosmos with children and the public from the various communities living on the island, to inspire a sense of global citizenship “under the same sky”.

Have a look at our short documentary!



The project is a collaboration between GalileoMobile and the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research,with a dedicated team in Cyprus as well as numerous volunteers. Click on the links below to see all members of GalileoMobile and AHDR.

About AHDR

AHDR is an intercommunal organisation based in Cyprus whose mission is to contribute to the advancement of historical understanding amongst the public and more specifically children, youth and educators, by providing access to learning opportunities for individuals of every ability and every ethnic, religious, cultural and social background, based on the respect for diversity and the dialogue of ideas. Click here to learn more about the AHDR...

About GalileoMobile

GalileoMobile is a non-profit, itinerant, science education initiative that brings modern astronomy closer to young people around the world, with emphasis in regions that have little access to other outreach actions. The initiative was created in late 2008 inspired by the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009) and is currently run by a crazy bunch of astronomers, educators, and science communicators. Click here to learn more about GalileoMobile and to see our team members!

Project Coordinators:

Francesca Fragkoudi 

Astrophysicist & science communicator, GalileoMobile steering committee member. Founder of the Columba-Hypatia project

Loizos Loukaides

AHDR Educational Programs Officer, Consultant on Education for a Culture of Peace, co-founder of Columba-Hypatia 


Natalie Christopher

Astrophysicist, science communicator & athlete

Ozlem Unver

Physics teacher, theoretical physicist

Yenal Ogmen

Maths teacher, Astronomer

Andreas Papadopoulos



Columba-Hypatia bi-communal astronomy activities

Columba-Hypatia bi-communal astronomy activities

Learning about stars and galaxies
Bi-communal astronomy activities
Learning about astronomy and peace
Making the solar system
The Cypriot Golden Record
Making a rainbow
Making a 3D Columba constellation
Giolou primary school
Solar observations in buffer zone
The solar system
Solar observations in buffer zone
Bi-communal astronomy activities H4C
Activities at the H4C
Learning about astronomy
Solar observations
First monthly bicommunal activities
Learning about the Solar System
Solar observations in buffer zone
Our work


A huge thank you goes out to our partners who have supported us either through direct funding (IAU) or through donation of educational materials (UNAWE and ESO). We are also very greatful to Meade Instruments for donating telescopes to the project which will in turn be donated to the participating schools and to the Home for Cooperation!

European Southern Observatory Education and Public Outreach Department

International Astronomical Union

Office of Astronomy for Development

Universe Awareness

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